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Afternoon plenary

A New Frame: Looking Upstream for a Healthier Society


November 19, 2016 at 4pm - 5:15pm


Engineering Teaching & Learning Complex (ETLC), University of Alberta
with Ryan Meili

The future economy should serve the needs of people. The best way to measure whether it is doing so is to look at the quality of our lives. The factors that have the biggest effect on our health and wellbeing are income, education, employment, housing, food security, and the wider environment. The upstream approach uses these social determinants of health as the road map to reach the destination of the best health outcomes. This new frame can reach across political lines by establishing a common goal and a novel approach to political and economic decisions.

Ryan Meili is a family physician in Saskatoon, founder of Upstream and author of A Healthy Society: How a Focus on Health Can Revitalize Democracy