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Morning plenary

Poverty & Austerity Amidst Affluence


November 22, 2015 at 9am - 10:15am


Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science, University of Alberta
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with Gregg M. Olsen

Despite the prosperity and economic growth witnessed in Canada, the UK and the US over the past 30 years, poverty has remained stable or increased, and its severity and consequences have intensified. Although social policy retrenchment and austerity have been widespread across the developed world, many nations have consistently outperformed their Anglo/American counterparts, with less inequality, lower poverty levels and far greater social supports. What is possible in the current era of globalization?

Gregg M. Olsen is professor of sociology at the University of Manitoba. He has published numerous scholarly articles and books in his field, including The Politics of the Welfare State: Canada, Sweden and the United States and Power and Inequality: A Comparative Introduction. He is currently completing a book focusing on poverty trends in the Anglophone nations.