November 20-22, 2020, University of Alberta

Emily Laxer

Emily Laxer is an assistant professor of sociology at York University’s Glendon College. Specializing in political sociology, immigration, citizenship and nationalism, she received her PhD from the University of Toronto in 2016, and completed a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Michigan in 2018.

Dr. Laxer's research broadly examines how contests for political power shape the incorporation of ethno-religious minorities in large-scale immigration countries. Her most recent study examined the impact of party-political debates over Islamic religious coverings in shaping the boundaries of nationhood in France and Québec. Her current research attends to the historical and contemporary manifestations of populism in Canada, with a particular focus on political leaders’ framing of religion and law. Dr. Laxer’s work has been published in such peer-reviewed journals as Ethnic & Racial Studies, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Nations & Nationalism, and Comparative Studies in Society and History. Her recent book, Unveiling the Nation: The Politics of Secularism in France and Québec was published by McGill-Queen’s University Press in 2019.