November 20-22, 2020, University of Alberta

Erika Shaker

Erika Shaker is director of education and outreach for the National office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives in Ottawa. She researches, speaks, comments, and writes on a wide range of education-related issues from early childhood education, to K-12, to post-secondary. Areas of interest include corporatization, privatization and commercialism; standardization and authentic assessment; funding equity; intergenerational inequality; and community engagement. She also edits the popular education journal Our Schools/Our Selves, which has recently gone digital.

Prior to joining the CCPA, she worked in Washington DC, monitoring the corporatization of childhood, and eventually co-founded the now-defunct Center for Commercial-free Public Education (formerly based on Oakland, CA). Erika has two kids currently in the public education system after having benefited from an excellent community-based co-operatively run neighbourhood daycare. She spends far too much time on social media posting about politics, pop culture, and sarcasm, and is also increasingly worried about the death of irony.