U of A campus & Livestream • November 17–19, 2023

Alberta at the Crossroads: Building the World We Want

Parkland Institute's 27th Annual Fall Conference

Held on November 17 – 19, 2023

Alberta is at a crossroads. The status quo is not sustainable politically, economically, or ecologically. The decisions we make from now on will determine whether we join a worldwide movement towards building a more just future or if we go backward. This conference was about ensuring Alberta moves forward. It was about dreaming big and making things happen. About how we push for change and envision a province that is just, equitable, and sustainable. About how we look to what others outside our borders have been doing, while also finding ways to support and expand the work that many among us have already been doing to build a more just province and world.

By bringing together thinkers, writers, and activists from Alberta and beyond, “At the Crossroads” served as a space where we learned from each other to begin shaping the Alberta we want for us and for future generations.

Download the conference program.

Watch video of all conference sessions on Parkland Institute's YouTube channel.

This conference is now over


Parkland Institute’s 27th Annual Conference — Alberta at the Crossroads — has come to an end.

A sincere thank you to all attendees for helping to make it a big success.

You can now view video of all conference sessions on our YouTube page.

We look forward to welcoming you back next year for our 28th Annual Fall Conference, scheduled for November 15–17, 2024. Save the date!