U of A campus & Livestream • November 17–19, 2023

Amanda Janoo

Amanda Janoo

Amanda Janoo is the Economics & Policy Lead for the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEALL), which is a global collaboration of organizations, governments, movements and changemakers committed to designing economies that work in service of people and planet. Amanda is an economic policy expert with over a decade of experience working with governments and international development institutions around the world. Her work aims to build just and sustainable economies through wellbeing-oriented and participatory policy design processes.

Prior to joining WEAll, Amanda worked for the United Nations and the African Development Bank as an industrial policy and economic systems change expert. As a Fulbright researcher, she explored the relationship between international trade and cooperative enterprise resilience. She graduated from Cambridge University with an MPhil in Development Studies and heralds from the green mountain state of Vermont, in the USA.

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