U of A campus & Livestream • November 17–19, 2023
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Concurrent session

Racism and the Rise of Right-Wing Populism


November 16, 2019 at 10:30am - 11:45am


Engineering Teaching & Learning Complex (ETLC), University of Alberta
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with Minister Faust and Irfan Chaudhry

How to Defeat Fascism ... While You Still Can

Canada and the other Allies sent fighters with guns, tanks, and planes for the largest Anti-Fascist mission ever. History has already made the case for fighting fascism by any means necessary. Yet today, many people have been fooled by corporate, neoliberal, and neo-fascist propaganda into believing that those who want to stop a race war are the equivalent of those who want to start one. Fascists in 2019 possess weapons of distraction and destruction that weren’t even science fiction for the Nazis of old. So to defeat the Nazis of now, how can we innovate upon our grandparents’ strategies and tactics and invent and employ brand new measures to stop the Nazipocalypse?

Minister Faust is an award-winning author, award-winning journalist, broadcaster, teacher, and organizer. He was a key convener of The Good Fight 2018, Edmonton’s first-ever major training conference on defeating fascism. He has been engaging in counter-fascist work since 1990.

Race, Ethnicity, Immigration and Right-Wing Extremism

Immigration has been a hot-button issue which several right-leaning groups have been able to mobilize around. This presentation will discuss how anti-immigration, race, and ethnicity have been utilized by the right-wing as rallying points for activism and violence.

Irfan Chaudhry is a hate crimes researcher and the director of the Office of Human Rights, Diversity and Equity at MacEwan University. He was a former race relations specialist for the Racism Free Edmonton Project, and a co-founder of The Mosquers, a video competition for local Muslim youth. Mr. Chaudhry was also instrumental in creating the StopHateAB.ca website, a third-party hate incident reporting platform that documents hate incidents in Alberta while he was a member of the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee. Irfan currently sits on Public Safety Canada’s Expert Committee on Countering Radicalization to Violence.