November 16-18, 2018, University of Alberta
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Angele Alook

Dr. Angele Alook is proud member of Bigstone Cree Nation and a speaker of the Cree language. She recently successfully defended her PhD in Sociology from York University. She specializes in Indigenous feminism, life course approach, Indigenous research methodologies, cultural identity, and sociology of family and work.

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Rebecca Graff-McRae

Rebecca Graff-McRae is a Research Manager for Parkland Institute. She completed her undergraduate and doctoral studies at Queen’s University Belfast, exploring the role of memory and commemoration in post-conflict transition. She has previously worked with the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland and Edmonton City Council, and has held post-doctoral research fellowships at Memorial University Newfoundland and the University of Alberta.

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Trevor Harrison

Dr. Trevor Harrison is Director of Parkland Institute. He is a Professor of Sociology in the Faculty of Arts and Science at the University of Lethbridge, and Associate Director and Research Affiliate of the Prentice Institute for Global Population and Economy.

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Ian Hussey

Ian Hussey is a Research Manager at Parkland Institute, where he designs, conducts, and manages political economy, labour, and climate research. He is also a steering committee member and the Alberta regional research manager for the SSHRC-funded Corporate Mapping Project.

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